Last weekend, I also went to Ukelooza, the fundraising event for Rain City Projects. Great idea, great fun, great music, and great auction items and raffle prizes! Every act of the evening was with a ukelele, culminating in a jam at the end of the night. There was also a comedienne who got things off to a funny start with a story about a Tacoma wedding and butterflies and well, you had to be there. The fundraising part of the event was an auction, and although that wasn’t my primary reason for going, I did score pretty well while donating to a good cause.

Ukelooza was at Annex Theatre, because the board of Rain City Projects shares people with Annex’s staff. Rain City Projects’ mission is to publish local playwrights, which I think is a very worthy cause (and inspires me to write some more work and get it produced!).  They started out, many moons ago, publishing works of playwrights that had been produced in the area and a newsletter. Now, they’ve moved into something deeper with the manifesto series, grants for out-of-town productions, and events like speed dating. The manifesto series has a playwright curate an anthology of plays based on a theme. I also can’t wait until they do speed dating again, because I’d love to go! It’s a way to pair playwrights and directors. Sounds even better than actual speed dating. (;

During the auction, I bid on a slot in Spin the Bottle, and “audition prep” with director Rachel Katz-Carey. No one else seemed to want it, and it was the only thing I really wanted in the whole group of packages, so I got it! That means it was meant to be. However, I’m not quite sure how to use audition prep as I plan on never auditioning ever again… so I think I’ll just use my two hours to learn about directing in Seattle. That could be easier then performing for a stranger for two hours, even though I could brush off my Phebe monologue from As You Like It… nah.  The StB slot is the most exciting. I’ll be using it show off my directing and writing skills with a production of my play that is in Double (XX) Fest 2.0: Blatant Honesty.


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