A Mouse Who Knows Me Workshop #2

We did it! We completed the second workshop performance of Scotto Moore’s A Mouse Who Knows Me, directed by Kristina Sutherland, to be produced at Annex Theatre this fall. In order to complete all of the songs and the script for the show, Scotto Moore produced a public workshop performance that included (almost) the entire cast of the show singing all fo the songs and reading the script. The result was an exciting and intimate performance at the Hugo House, followed by a really great talkback.

The best part of the process was being able to hear the music come together. I miss working on musicals (something I thought I’d never admit to myself) and I got chills when the actors would find truly musical and intimate moments with each other. The rehearsal process was a little rough because the main leads could only attend a few sporadically throughout the two weeks, but that provided an opportunity for the ensemble cast members to really hone in on the harmonies that will flesh out the production as a whole. Annex is a small space, and when everyone sings together, it’s going to be powerful.


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