catch up: Spin the Bottle – June Directing

Standard Issue... ft. Shane Regan, Meaghan Halverson, Jana Hutchison (June 2013)

Actors Shane Regan, Meaghan Halverson, and Jana Hutchison in Wesley K. Andrews’s “Standard Issue Armed Services Field Guide to Average American Romance”

Directing this piece by Wesley K. Andrews was fun. We had just a few short rehearsals, and no time on the stage beforehand, but my chosen actors were total troopers and it turned out great.

I had seen this piece once before at 14/48 in January, so it felt a little like cheating to direct it. But I thought of it as an opportunity to give the piece a little bit more time and breath than it had received in January. I got a lot of time to delve into a script I’d only seen done once before, and late at night.

I also enjoyed getting to direct a play for Spin the Bottle, and was looking forward to the next opportunity to do it again! (Spoiler: I got to in October.)


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