catch up: Spin the Bottle – October Directing

"No, right now, I am absolutely miserable." - Rabbit to The Queen
“No, right now, I am absolutely miserable.” – Rabbit to The Queen

Most recently, and right on the heels of directing for the Seattle Fringe Fest, I had another opportunity to direct a short piece for Spin the Bottle. We pulled this together in a week, and boy, was it fun. I cast Keiko Green and Raymond Williams in Courtney Meaker‘s short play, Snow Globes & Pocket Watches.

Courtney has been working on this play for awhile (I remember reading an early draft in Playwriting with Stephanie Timm), and her hard work has paid off. It is a perfect ten minute play (it actually runs about 11!) with all the right twists and turns and surprises you’d expect from someone turning a classic relationship on its head.

I only wish that drum set could’ve been moved more back for our piece. (:


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