catch up: Production Management 2013

This year I haven’t just directed four (4!) plays, I’ve also had the opportunity to production management five shows, for Annex Theatre and Macha Monkey Productions.


Second Date was produced by Bret Fetzer of Rain City Projects in late winter. Three playwrights and three directors reinvigorated the spark they discovered during “Speed Dating” (7 writers and 7 directors had a few minutes each to find a match).

CH Poster web size

Cliffhouse by Allison Gregory, directed by Meghan Arnette. Lana and two others find themselves at a mysterious vacation home, the Cliffhouse, from which they cannot leave. Eerie and heartwarming, Gregory was nominated for Outstanding Play in the 2013 Gregory Awards, as well as Joseph Swartz for sound design.

Half Brothers Brand Postcard

The Half Brothers Brand Old-Time Variety Show written by The Half Brothers Band and Keri Healey, directed by Scotto Moore, in August. The Half Brothers came up with a grand idea of subverting the 1950s commercialization-music scene and flipping it on its head with down-home tunes, hilarious and truthful lyrics, and a bizarrely surreal script. They were joined with an improvising-cooking grandma in drag.


The Luxuria Cycle written by Jimmie Galaites and directed by Jen Moon. What if Steve Jobs owned OK Cupid? This short play looks at the ramifications of technology on our sex lives and relationships.

Buckshot Postcard front


Buckshot written by Courtney Meaker and directed by Peggy Gannon.  Alana is on the verge of moving in with her girlfriend when she finds out some surprising news about her uncle. She has to decide between dealing with the past and moving on and letting go. I am most excited to work on this play. I love the playwright, the director, and we’ve assembled a crack team of designers and managers and builders to make this show uber-fabulous. We also get to perform in the Cornish Playhouse blackbox theatre, which is a great and malleable space.


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