i resolve…

I have done some journaling and thinking about the coming year. We set an arbitrary date that truly does not make sense in the time frame of the seasons to change our entire selves.

This is not the time to alter our selves. We have spent the summer evolving, being, changing, and the fall discovering the result of those changes, taking in what works for us and eliminating that which does not serve. The winter, our season now, is about living with what we have created. We have taken stock, brought in our stores to keep us safe while the cold swirls about outside…

and our culture wants us to resolve to change? In the winter of winter?? No thank you.

However, I have found that it is important to indulge in the sentiments of holidays and seasons even if they are arbitrary. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc. all have power because we have imbued them with it. So after my deep thinking–getting down to the roots of what I really want to do when I say I want “to meditate more” or “not watch so much TV”–I know now that I need to resolve to be with myself. At the root, that’s actually what I mean. I have made a list. I know what it means, exactly, in my mind. But I think it’s wisdom irregardless.

Here are my resolutions for 2014:


And the perfect song to be paired with this entry is Camera Obscura’s “New Year’s Resolution.”

i decided this pain was a landscape of blame/i decided to be only myself these days


tell it like it is

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