Theatrical Impressions

I’m trying to see more theatre in this year 2014. It’s part of my resolution to increase my presence with me, so seeing theatre is a great way to do that. Watching theatre keeps me ever present with myself, my body, and what I want to continue creating. (Unlike television, which numbs me to the point where I don’t notice stiffness in my limbs and I cannot think outside of what is happening on the screen.)

Theatre helps me maintain a presence with what is going with the actors onstage and what I surmise is happening in their minds and backstage. When you watch two actors interact, you’re not only receiving the story from the play but you’re also examining how those two people are engaging with each other. We are constantly working with these dualities, and it’s part of being present. (It might be the elementary step to being present, but again, I’m new at this.)

So I’m going to start using this blog again to write down impressions. Not critiques (well, sometimes I’ll evaluate show elements), not summaries (I might need to sum-up just for clarity), not digging into anyone negatively (not everything can be uber-positive). But, I will write my first impressions. Some of these impressions translate well to twitter, some are best said aloud–and loudly–to my dad on our way back home. And others will be best summed up here, in bullet points and all caps, etc.

I want to be better about voicing my immediate opinion, my instant reaction. So here it will be.


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