[repost] Women Authoring Change – The Zig Zag Festival

The following post is something I wrote for Hedgebrook, to promote my summer show at Annex Theatre, The Zig Zag Festival. I'm taking the opportunity to repost it here, for posterity. “Women authoring change.”  Women are the driving force behind a lot of what I do, during my day job and in theatre. I see… Continue reading [repost] Women Authoring Change – The Zig Zag Festival


that time 2015 was already well underway… uh, now.

We are already deep into this year. Projects have been completed and new projects are already replacing them, my work schedule has been turned topsy-turvy and back right again, I've lost relationships and started new ones, and I still have yet to create a consistent routine because I don't feel quite settled. It's irrelevant if… Continue reading that time 2015 was already well underway… uh, now.

Thoughts on Seattle’s FOUR STORY HOUSE

 From the Facebook event: FOUR STORY HOUSE is a site-specific event exploding the reality of human privacy & toying with discovery of the unknown in a familiar space. I had the opportunity and honor to be one of the few people in the city of Seattle to experience this show last Friday night, on a… Continue reading Thoughts on Seattle’s FOUR STORY HOUSE